Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) under Canada Express EntrySystem (EE)  

Federal Skilled Worker Program gives a chance to skilled immigrants to gain Canadian PR Visa i.e. Permanent Residency (PR) Visa under federal Skilled Immigration. FSWP is a popular program for Canada Immigration from India. Under FSWP, applications of prospective immigrants are selected after assessing whether there are strong chances of an applicantto successfully settle down in Canada. Once minimum basic requirements are fulfilled, an application is entered into the express entry system. Express entry system 2015 is a new system for processing PR applications quickly within 6-12 months.One can become eligible for Professionals Canada Express Entry 2015 Visa. To qualify for minimum entry criteria for FSWP under Express Entry Program, a candidate must have:

i. Minimum 1 year work experience compatible with 347 listed occupationsin Express entry eligible occupations list for 2015-2016 which are open to immigrants; OR
ii. Has an arranged job from a Canadian employer supported byLabor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) criteria; OR
iii. Two year study in Canada towards a PHD or a PHD in Canada from recognized university; AND
iv. Good score in language proficiency test; AND
v. Minimum 67 points in the points table test which involves factors like Age, education credentials, etc.
Once these minimum requirements are met, two steps follow the process for Canada Express Entry Visa Program:

I. Competing in online Express Entry System- Canada Firstly, online profiles are created in EE system. Information can be added/ subtracted (about language skills, education, etc.) in between to gain more points and move up the ladder while competing with other candidates.

Applicants with a job offer have higher chances of reaching the second stage in less time. People with no job offer can register themselves with Employment and Social Development Canada’s job bank wherein their details are fed into a database and prospective employers who are seeking foreign skilled workers can have access to the required information.

II. Obtaining ITA (Invitation to Apply) Once in EE, candidates are ranked against each other on the basis of points they get in Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). In CRS candidates are awarded points for, their work experience, skills, age, etc.

Candidates who get highest CRS are offered ITA. Within 60 days of receiving ITA, an applicant will have to submit his/ her application for PR. Candidates who do not receive ITA will remain in the candidate pool for 12 months, after which they will have to create a new EE profile.



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