Province Nomine program  

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP Canada) allow Canadian provinces (except Quebec) to nominate applicants who wish to immigrate to Canada and interested in those provinces. Purposes of PNP Business and Investment are highly likely to get one this visa. Canada PNP permits provinces to nominate individuals apt for the development and needs of their province. Provincial Nominee Programs for skilled worker category is also one of the very popular entry paths to Canada.

Besides below stated Canada PNP, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), Canada Immigration Ontario PNP and Alberta Provincial Nomination Programs are also present. SINP Program provides for ‘Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program for Businessmen’, ‘SINP Entrepreneur’. Ontario Immigration gives opportunities for ‘Ontario Visa’, ‘Canada Immigration Ontario Provincial Nominee Program- Business Visa’, and Toronto Immigration. Canada Immigration Alberta Provincial Nomination Program (Alberta PNP) allows for Canada Immigration from India to Alberta province.

In a typical Canadian PNP, an applicant receives a job offer from a prospective employer from a particular province and hence is nominated for a permanent visa as a skilled worker under PNP such that it completely bypass the federal immigration process. Godspeed Immigration And Study Abroad Pvt Ltd provides complete and holistic assistance to Canada Provincial Nominee Businessman and Investors Visa, Business Visa for Canada, and all other Canada Provincial Nomination Programs. Below given are the exemplifications of three main Canada PNP:


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