Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)  

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the friendliest way for attaining Permanent Residence (PR) visa in Canada. It is for those people who want to gain permanent residency in Quebec and reside in cities of the province of Quebec (Montreal, etc.). Government of Quebec administers its own rules different than Federal Canada to allow applicants to migrate to Quebec. QSWP is the best and friendliest visa type because:

No prior Canada work-permits for Quebec or work sponsor require. It allows one to seek a job after landing in Quebec. But a skilled immigration to Quebec is easier and faster. It is because Quebec skilled immigration by foreign nationals has become important to fulfill the shortage of skilled workers for Quebec.
Best for IT Professionals because 29 occupations open to immigration, which features in the federal Canada list does not include this profession. Quebec immigration for skilled workers in diverse occupations is very beneficial Canada immigration form.
Unrestricted access to the local job market.

Once eligibility is established, two step immigration process follows under QSWP. Eligibility requirements include:

i. Foreign qualifications should be equivalent to Quebec diploma and fall under Areas of Training (AOT) list of Quebec;
ii. The diploma should have been awarded within the past 5 years of applying or one should have one year continuous work experience highly relevant to AOT.
iii. Continuous, Full-time or Part-time work experience of past 5 years preceding the application is considered.
iv. Should not be less than 17 years of age.
v. Good understanding of English and preferably French language skills.
vi. Other factors like children, spouse’s education, financial sufficiency, etc.
vii. To qualify, a single applicant should attain at least 49 points in total and applicant with a partner should receive a minimum of 57 points.

QSWP takes about 11-12 months to process visa of Indian nationals. Godspeed visa immigration specializes in immigration services for Quebec and have years of experience in providing Quebec immigration service and helping applicants with QSWP. We are one of the best immigration consultants for Quebec.


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