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Student Visa  

Canada has some of the most prestigious universities in the world and offer abundant of career opportunities in Canada. Along with world class education system, Canada has a stable economy, friendly visa provisions and classic living standards which make it a perfect study destination choice.

Studying in Canada involves 4 easy steps: Step I: Find a recognized university or college in Canada to study in;
Step II: Get admission in the university via their admission process;
Step III: Get study approval letter from the university;
Step IV: Apply for Study Permit or Student Visa in Canada.

Getting a student visa is a requirement if you are a foreign national and want to study in Canada. However, for a short-term period of study of 6 months or less, study permit is not required. For a study period of above 6 months, applying for a study permit is pivotal. A potential applicant of student visa will have to prove that they have sufficient funds in their accounts to survive their study period. IELTS score of above 6 is mandatory. Also, a person on student visa is allowed to do part- time work for 20 hours off-campus a week. Godspeed Immigration and Visa provides specially designed by professionals, Free Online IELTS course.


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