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Although Canada is the hotspot work destination for prospective immigrations across the world, but the Canadian government has prioritized the acceptance of those applicants who already have either an employee sponsor or work-permit prior to moving to Canada. Thus, it has become all the more essential to understand all the categories which exist for Canada work visa. There are two types of work related visas permitted under Canadian Immigration System:

Temporary Work-Permit Canada
Permanent Canada Work Visa

Permanent Work Visas for Canada involve Federal Skilled Worker Programs, Federal Trade Skilled Worker, Work Live in Caregivers Canada, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, and PNP.

Temporary Canada Work-Permit involves further sub-categories:
LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) based Work Permit. Only LMIA approved employers in Canada are allowed to give work sponsorship/ job offer to prospective immigrants. Employers submit their plans to LMIA on the basis of the type of employees they are seeking like a high-wage worker, low-wage workers, Median hourly wage workers by provinces, etc.

Open Work-Permit Canada. Open work permits allows the spouses of foreign nationals, foreign workers and foreign students to want to work in Canada even while their PR visas are being processed. It is also available via Post- graduation work permit program.

International Experience Canada. International Experience Canada (IEC) allows young immigrants to work in Canada for a small period of time or temporary periods. IEC involve three sub categories, i.e. Working Holiday Visa, Young Professional Visa and International Co-op. Working holiday visa allows one to work for any Canadian employer for about one or two years. Young Professional Visa allows one to gain contractual employment from the Canadian National occupation classification List 2015 categories listed under National Occupation Code skill type 0, A and B. International Co-op allows registered foreign students to intern for a Canadian company.

Temporary visas can be 6 months or more in length. It allows foreign nationals to work in Canada for a specified period of time. It is a great way to attain Canadian work experience, essential to become eligible for some of Permanent Residency programs.


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