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Australia is one of the most popular destinations for studies, work and living. It is the largest island in the world and has the lowest population density, a stable political economy environment, and offers highest quality of life to its people. It is a great place to work, live or do business. Australia not only has a diverse Indian diaspora, but it also holds a leadership position amongst advanced economies. From beautiful beaches, crystal blue waters, diverse population, to exotic flora-fauna, every aspect of Australia makes it an ideal destination choice for people who are looking to settle down in a developed country.

A number of benefits of Permanent Residency visa are bestowed upon the ones with Permanent Residency Visa. They include:
Right to live in Australia for an indefinite period of time.
Freedom to work and travel anywhere in Australia.
Entitlement to Health Care and Social Welfare Benefits inclusive of many social security schemes.
Sponsor relatives and other family members to Australia.
Pursue higher education benefits like education loan schemes, etc.
Apply for Australian Citizenship.

Whether you are planning to go to Australia for work or study or living or you are returning there, you will need a valid Australian visa. There are a variety of visa options available for Australia. Our forte lies in providing successful visa application process to all our clients. We do not keep ourselves from saying a ‘No’ if our lawyers deem an applicant to be non-eligible for a visa. But before giving up on an applicant, we explore all possible avenues for an applicant.

Why Godspeed Immigration And Study Abroad Pvt Ltd?

We are accredited by MARA Australia, bounded by the standard code of ethics and will protect you from any migration fraud. We provide expert assistance throughout the application process by using all bricks and tricks; and make sure your dream path to Australia remains open. We take pride in providing transparent, successful and holistic visa services to Australia. We suggest our clients that it’s always wise to seek professional advice instead of relying on what ‘someone told you’. Our superlative features:

  • MARA Accreditation and Protection Guaranteed.
    Experienced Team Members, Consultants and Immigration Lawyers.
    100% Free tailor made Consultation.
    Keep abreast with the latest updates in immigration rules and regulations of Australia.
    Holistic services- from eligibility assessment to seeking work opportunities, assistance in IELTS to post landing services, until your visa lands in your hands.
    Helped 1000+ aspirants to fulfill their Australian Dream.
    Transparent process of guiding towards the right visa pathway to cost budgeting as per your limitations.


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