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Something extraordinary and modern exists in the Kingdom of Denmark. This country of Vikings is called by many nicknames due to its proven excellence in the world across many aspects like beautiful beaches, yummy pastries, happy labor market, etc. Denmark has been identified as the ‘World’s happiest country’, so it triumphs most popular destinations of US and UK. Its capital Copenhagen is known as the ‘Most livable city in the world’. It not only has a developed economy, but a developed/matured culture and lifestyle. A seamless balance of ancient monarchy, primitive castles and advanced lifestyle can be witnessed here. People are liberal in their thoughts and actions. Denmark values originality above anything else and encourages creativity. Along with this, their concern towards the environment, love for their country, self-initiatives in developmental activities show a politically proactive and mature side of their citizens. It is undoubtedly a prosperous overseas destination for foreign nationals. The labor market in this country is flexible and more stable. Unemployment rate and inequality in incomes is very low. A combination of all this makes it a popular business destination. Visa aspirants mainly go there for the purposes of investing, businesses, studies, or settling down there permanently. Denmark Green Card Scheme is most sought out visa type.

Benefits of Denmark Visa
Opportunity to visit and live in a holistically developed nation.
The Denmark Green Card offers more benefits than even the US Green Card.
After acquiring permanent resident (PR), one can do a job in any country across the European Union (EU).
PR entitles one for many social benefits including grants in aid, buying property, etc. and it makes higher education for one’s children absolutely free.

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Offering of alternative assessment reports for other visas, if the need arises.

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If you want to stay in Denmark for more than 3 months, you should apply for a residence permit before applying for any Denmark Visa. If you apply for a residence permit and Visa at the same time, your visa application will be turned down. Godspeed Immigration And Study Abroad Pvt Ltd consultants can help you make this complex and sometimes daunting process, simple and fast with our streamlined approach. Following are Denmark Visa types:-

1. Danish Green Card

Denmark Green Card is the most sought after visa for those who want to work and live in Denmark. Under this visa type, it is not mandatory for a person to have a job in hand before he/she is granted a visa. One can look for a job after getting this visa or after landing in Denmark.

Work Permit and Residency Permit both are granted under this visa.
It is highly dependent on the score one get in their point based evaluation.
Move across all Schengen Countries without a visa.
Apply for Permanent Residency after sometime when you become eligible by fulfilling certain conditions.
Once settled, you can sponsor your family to Denmark and it will allow them to live, work and study fulltime in Denmark.
Renewable under 3 years permit.

Minimum 100 points in Danish Green Card Scheme.*
Master’s degree or higher is required.
It’s better if your occupation is listed in Denmark Immigration Positive List.
IELTS- 6.5 (score will give high success chances).

*Denmark Point Allocation System:
Education Level Points
Bachelor’s degree 30
Bachelor’s degree followed by one-year Master’s degree 50
Master’s degree 60
PhD 80
Bonus points if your University falls under world’s top universities
Top 400 10
Top 200 15
Top 100 20
Language Skills
Danish level 1 5
Danish level 2 10
IELTS 5.0-6.0 Band or Danish level 3 20
IELTS 6.5 Band or Studies Danish as second language for 1 year of study or work. 40
Completion of 1 year of study in  higher education program in EU/EEA Country or Switzerland 5
Completion of 3-5 year of study in higher education program in EU/EEA Country or Switzerland 10

You can fill the free assessment form to determine your eligibility. Godspeed Immigration And Study Abroad Pvt Ltd consultants offer 100% free consultation.

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2. Work Visa

Denmark requires an influx of qualified workers from different categories- salaried, self-employed to businessmen. It is most active members from European countries to create a favorable atmosphere for skilled workers. Beside Danish Green Card Scheme, Denmark has three other types of work permit systems- Positive List Scheme, Pay Limit Scheme and Corporate Scheme.

a) Positive List

The Positive list scheme includes the list of all those professions and occupations in Denmark, which are currently experiencing a shortage of workers. This visa is for those individuals whose experience and skills fall under these occupations. It takes very less time to obtain residence and work permit under Positive List immigration.

b) Pay Limit Scheme

One becomes eligible to apply for Denmark visa under the Pay Limit Scheme on getting a job offer from a Danish employer offering more than DKK 375,000 as gross annual pay.

c) Corporate Scheme

Corporate Scheme allows one to migrate from an overseas company to a Denmark subsidiary or parent or sister company for a certain period of time.


3 years temporary resident or work permit.
Extendable within 3 years.
Within 7 years, one can apply for PR.
Travel anywhere in EU Countries.
Children under 18 years of age, Spouse or Partner are eligible for work and residence permit under certain conditions.

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3. Study Visa

Denmark is at the topmost position in Education Index of UN. Make your dreams of studying in Denmark come true with Godspeed Immigration And Study Abroad Pvt Ltd Consultants. If you are a foreign national and want to study in Denmark, you can be granted a visa from under one of the three visa categories:

a) Higher Education Program
b) Basic and Youth Study Program
c) Educational Program in Folk High School


Work allowed for 15 hours a week while studying and fulltime in summer vacations.
Bring your partner and children below 18 years to Denmark, but one need to show availability of sufficient funds to support them.

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4. Family Reunification Visa

If you have close relatives living in Denmark and you are their cohabiting partner or child or other family member and if you fulfill certain mandatory requirements, you can apply for a visa in Denmark under the Family Reunification Visa.


Temporary resident permit will be granted.
This visa will give you right to work in Denmark.
It is an extendable 3 years residence permit.
Apply for PR in long term.

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5. Visitor Visa

If you want to visit Denmark for a limited amount of time i.e. less than 3 months, you can directly apply for a visa and would not require a residence permit. It is a short term visa. During these times of three months you can conduct a certain work regarding activities without the need to acquire a work permit. Whether you want to spend your holidays in this Nordic country or want to go there for a business visit, etc., you can apply for a short term visitor visa in Denmark. Godspeed Immigration And Study Abroad Pvt Ltd services can help you optimize the processing time by streamlining your documents stacking and preparing a case file.

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